Arti Kumar

Owner / Designer

Arti Kumar established her Company in the year 2002 as an extension of her family’s successful manufacturing business based in India. She has been designing and importing custom hand carved teak wood furniture and accessories for her clientele all over North America and has generated a lot of buzz and goodwill through sheer word of mouth. What sets her apart is her personal touch and involvement with all her clients, helping them pick and design beautiful quality custom pieces for their homes and providing them with any design input they may need. With her trade connections, she also has a tie-up with one of the largest wholesale Rug Suppliers in the US that benefits her clients. With a background in Chemical Engineering and work experience in Project Management, Arti brings a mix of sophisticated professionalism to this creative passion of hers.

Just reach out to her with what you need and when you need and she will make it happen!